Free Britney

28th March 2021

This is how our toxic music industry continues to fail vulnerable artists. “Getting burnt by a fire she lit herself, it’s so easy in her business”, says Diane Sawyer of Britney Spears. When the interview aired in 2003, nobody would bat an eyelid at such a statement. But, in light of the Framing Britney Spears ...

The foundations of foundation

18th March 2021

Does the makeup industry just conceal a darker agenda? Throughout history, women have faced colossal societal pressures in regards to beauty standards; their bodies, hair, size, and face have been critiqued again and again, with society continually changing its idea of what true beauty looks like. In doing so, women are faced with endless amounts ...

Review: Industry

11th January 2021

Ed Fernandez takes a look at the new BBC drama series. Industry is a programme that somehow manages to keep you entirely distressed while you watch it, and yet you crave every sweet second. If someone five weeks ago had told me a programme about graduates at a finance company could be such a potent ...