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How to deal with horrible housemates

24th December 2021

Dishes piling up in the sink and teabags mysteriously going missing? Writer Iona Macwhirter-Harley tells us how to deal with our housemates being human. Picture the scene: you’re returning home to your student halls after a long day of blended learning. You throw open the front door, desperate for a cup of tea. Alas! Someone ...

Put your money where your mouth is and stop funding the climate crisis

29th November 2021

Protesting is a great way to get involved in activism, but if your actions don’t back up your words, holding a sign is pointless. Everybody loves a protest. You get together with friends, paint a witty yet politically astute sign, feel part of something bigger and – critically – have an excellent excuse to avoid ...

UofG podcast analyses Glasgow’s Kenmure Street protests

24th October 2021

UofG staff spoke to members of the community to find out what drove the response that was applauded across the country. The latest episode of the Recovering Community podcast released by the University of Glasgow School of Social and Political Science examines the Kenmure Street protests of 13 May 2021 against a Home Office dawn ...