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Israel-Palestine and the demise of journalism

16th February 2024

A recent study conducted by The Intercept revealed major newspaper’s slanted coverage of Israel’s assault on Palestine. This comes after 1484 journalists signed an open letter speaking out against Western bias in reporting on Israel and Palestine. According to The Intercept’s quantitative analysis study, the coverage of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, ...

In conversation with Fraser Nelson

14th October 2022

While Editor-in-Chief of The Glasgow Guardian, Lucy Dunn interviewed former Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, and current Editor of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson. “Let me show you the office!” the man on the vertical Zoom display decided cheerily, after we’d briefly exchanged introductions. His phone camera flipped around, and he stepped back to reveal a large ...

Racist reporting on the Ukrainian crisis

4th April 2022

The media coverage on the conflict in Ukraine reflects the racism western countries have towards refugees. “They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking.” The words of journalist Daniel Hannan are ones that have been echoed by many figures in the media during discussion of the crisis in Ukraine. From Ukraine’s ...