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A book to make you cry: Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy

8th January 2022

As part of our monthly recommendation series, Kaitlyn Whitsitt explains why Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy will have you reaching for the tissues. Have you ever read a book that completely broke you down and then built you up, pulling you out of a reading slump because it was just so well-constructed? Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy ...

What does the pledge about methane mean?

4th November 2021

Writer Kaitlyn Whitsitt discusses the methane pledge at COP26, its problems, and the importance of reducing global emissions of this less-talked-about greenhouse gas. On 18 September, the European Commission published a press release announcing the Global Methane Pledge, which was presented at the Major Economies Forum the day before. At that date, the plan surrounding ...