University of Glasgow launches “Future of Scots” research project

4th February 2021

The University enquires whether Scots language has a future or is “just for Burns night”. The future of the Scots language is under review as a new research project is launched by the University of Glasgow. The collaborative project has the additional support of The Royal Society of Edinburgh; aiming to push an agenda that ...

From archaic to famous, the new rise of Gaelic

24th December 2020

Examining the sudden popularity surrounding a once dying language. In July of this year, The Guardian released an article casting a very gloomy cloud over the Gaelic speaking community, titled “Scots Gaelic could die out within a decade.” The article went on to describe how Gaelic is only used routinely by a “diminishing number of ...

Language and culture students are at the bottom of Boris’ Brexit bin bag

18th December 2020

With semesters abroad set to start in less than a month, one language student speaks out about being left behind by Boris’ bewildering Brexit. As a 16-year-old student sat in my Higher French class with my teacher on the 23 June 2016, you could cut the tension with a Brexit-sized knife. She told me that ...