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New Al Jazeera podcast exposes problems in handling of lecturer sexual harassment case

3rd November 2021

CW: Sexual harassment/assault, emotional abuse, death. A number of women complained about UofG PhD student, Zahid Khan, however over two years on, their complaints have not yet been resolved. Revealed in a podcast released by Al Jazeera yesterday afternoon, two women have filed complaints of sexual harassment against a recent UofG graduate, Ehsas Zahid Khan, ...

Former Glasgow University geography lecturer accused of sexual harassment  

26th October 2021

CW: Mentions of sexual abuse, harassment, and grooming. As part of their “Degrees of Abuse” investigation, Al Jazeera reveals that senior lecturer in geography, Dr Ian Shaw, has been the subject of sexual harassment complaints by four different women.  An investigation by Al Jazeera, as part of their “Degrees of Abuse” series, has reported sexual ...