A love letter to my ultimate comfort film: D.E.B.S. (2004)

18th December 2021

Dora reflects on her favourite movie, the iconically queer school girls-turned government agents comedy romance. When I first had the dawning realisation that I might not be the bona fide heterosexual I had convinced myself I was, I naturally had something of an identity crisis. As a confused, insecure, and late-to-the-party queer person, I turned ...

Anton Muscatelli receives letter concerning academic freedom and antisemitism

17th November 2021

The BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom has sent a letter regarding the University’s consideration of a talk by Dr Somdeep Sen. Principal Anton Muscatelli has received a letter from the The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) Committee on Academic Freedom regarding the University’s protocol for invited speakers and it’s definition of antisemitism. The ...

Open letter sent to Anton Muscatelli following his statement on sexual violence handling process

13th November 2021

The letter is signed by five women who were involved in Al Jazeera’s recent investigation into the handling of sexual harassment allegations at the University. Five women who were involved in Al Jazeera’s “Degrees of Abuse” investigation series, which looked at the way sexual harassment claims made against a former University of Glasgow lecturer and ...