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Editorial: We support trans rights

11th October 2023

The Glasgow Guardian stands with UofG’s trans community amongst increasingly vitriolic public discourse In the past week, headlines have been dominated by successive government representatives making increasingly provocative and aggressive overtures about trans people. From Rishi Sunak declaring base level transphobia as “common sense” at Conservative party conference, to Steve B...

Queer generational divides

12th January 2023

Tom Gilbert explores the intergenerational divide between today’s queer youth and the queer elderly. “It stems from a deep fear of ageing ourselves. It’s almost impossible when we’re young and beautiful to look at someone we consider not attractive and realise we too are going to become that person.”  I’m talking to Trevor Diamond, a ...

Why GULGBTQ+ are protesting the BBC

22nd November 2021

Members of the GULGBTQ+ society discuss how the BBC’s actions towards the trans community promote the growing transphobia that is prevalent throughout the UK. Transphobia is ubiquitous and it is intensifying. It pervades our parliament, our National Health Service and increasingly our media, too. Our public service broadcaster, the BBC, is furthering an orchestrated moral ...