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Is it sexist to hate the 1975?

10th October 2023

A discussion of what it means to be a fan, and the inherent sexism present in the media. The present era of musical culture is punctuated by the concept of fandoms. Certain individuals can become so captivated by a particular artist or subject that their knowledge and research exists lightyears ahead of music journalists. Die ...

Scottish BAFTA winner Sean Lionadh on the fight for LGBTQ+ rights

8th January 2023

Writer Rory speaks with the Glasgow-based filmmaker and poet. Sean Lionadh, or to some, just Lionadh, has been doing the rounds of accolades and awards on the British cultural scene. He and his team have been awarded a Scottish BAFTA, a BIFA, and a seemingly endless number of awards and nominations in the international film ...