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Worlds away

8th March 2024

Can friendship survive distance? My best friend and I are currently living the reality that we have both dreaded for the last twelve months: studying abroad. After two years of being separated by no more than a wall, we have both worried how we would maintain the incredible friendship that has thus far only thrived ...

Another bump in the road

12th October 2020

With fresh government restrictions being regularly re-introduced, it’s crucial that we adopt measures where possible that help us convene safely and allow society to retain a sense of normality On 4 October 2020, elite athletes took part in the annual London Marathon after it was originally scheduled to be held on 26 April. The 40th ...

Logging on to long-distance love

18th September 2020

Without the aid of physical touch, it falls to culture to serve as the baseline for long-distance relationships. At the start of quarantine, during those few weeks wherein I did nothing but endlessly scroll social media in search of something to fill my sudden free time, I remember seeing a friend post on Instagram about ...