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Love island: the train wreck you just can’t look away from

28th March 2023

Neon filled escapist paradise is perfect for student relaxation. As the sweet melody of whatever upbeat pop tune accompanying the previous evening’s Love Island recap fills my living room for the sixth time that week, my flatmate, who has never actually watched the show themselves, asks for an update on who’s kissed who now. Even ...

We’ve outgrown Love Island

1st March 2023

Does Love Island’s toxic and misogynistic atmosphere give you the “ick”? Organised misogyny and ultra-fast fashion consumption don’t particularly scream “Gen Z.” The wildly popular ITV 2 reality show, Love Island, however, is known for both its misogyny, and its penchant for putting contestants on track to nab highly-paid deals with fast-fashion giants. With millions ...

Review: Love Island 2021 (Spoiler alert: it was a hot mess)

30th August 2021

Despite the toxicity, the ITV2 dating show lured us in once again To quote the ever-eloquent Billie Joe Armstrong, “summer has come and passed”; the nights are getting longer, students are returning to their outrageously priced tenements, and Iain Stirling’s shite patter no longer soundtracks my evenings. Love Island series seven has somewhat successfully completed ...