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Iran: One year later

12th October 2023

What does the future look like for women and young girls in Iran, one-year after the death of Mahsa Amini? In the shadow of the one-year anniversary of Mahsa Amani’s death, Iran stands at a critical juncture in its battle for women’s rights. Last month marked one year since the 22-year-old Kurdish woman was arrested ...

“Women, Life, Freedom”: Fighting for Iran’s future from the streets of Glasgow

1st December 2022

Features Editor Athina Bohner speaks to dozens of Iranian anti-regime protesters demanding freedom for Iran. On 19 November 2022, impassioned voices demanding “freedom for Iran” engulfed the streets of Glasgow, as over 1,000 protesters of all generations marched from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green. While proudly singing pro-democracy songs in Farsi and waving Iranian flags ...

Dissent shouldn’t be a death sentence

20th November 2022

The world needs to stand with the people of Iran against the Islamic Republic. “Someone’s crime was that her hair was flowing in the wind,” rapped Iranian musician Toomaj Salehi – a song lyric that would soon result in his arrest for crimes punishable by death. Over the past week, international discussion of the situation ...