The hijacking of #BeKind

2nd November 2020

Views Columnist Rachel Campbell highlights the hypocrisy that often accompanies the use of #BeKind.  The #BeKind movement arose in response to the death of presenter Caroline Flack, to encourage both individuals and the wider media to think before posting comments which could be detrimental to those on the receiving end. Caroline Flack had posted to ...

Look after yourself: embrace trashy media

17th October 2020

Diving into the dumpster of media returns, more often than not, nuggets of gold rather than simple garbage. Remember when we all thought 2016 was the worst year ever? We were such green summer children. At the time, I was studying for my A-levels at a high-pressure school, applying to uni, and constantly reading the ...

University of Glasgow professor appointed to Commission on Future of Irish Media

9th October 2020

The commission, established by the Department of the Taoiseach, will review and produce recommendations on the funding and the delivering of public service broadcasting for Ireland’s future. Professor Gillian Doyle, Professor of Media Economics at the Centre of Cultural Policy Research (CCPR), of the University of Glasgow has been appointed to the Commission on the ...