Meg Russell

Cash or cab: why is getting home so expensive?

20th December 2021

When student safety is being jeopardised, Glasgow needs better taxi services – and we need them now. With most Covid-19 restrictions eased, people are making the most of Glasgow’s nightlife again. Anyone that’s made the most of bars and clubs reopening will probably have noticed that getting a taxi or Uber in Glasgow is exceedingly ...

Stop romanticising my country: Australia

7th December 2021

The first instalment of our new series explores the stereotype of Australia as a “perfect vacationland”, a gross contradiction of the terrors of its history that are still active today. I’m sure I’m not the only Australian that frequently gets asked why I’d ever want to live in the UK when I could be back ...

One man’s fortune shouldn’t cost lives

22nd November 2021

A Twitter debate questions the responsibility that Elon Musk has to share his wealth in order to save millions of lives. Elon Musk and his billionaire friends having their phallic races into space makes me a bit sick. I’m sure the technology is cool and exciting, and yeah, maybe we can start civilisation on Mars ...