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Glasgow’s best coffee spots

16th February 2022

Writer Melisa Korkut takes us through some of her favourite coffee shops around the city.  For me, there’s no better way to get to know a place than by hitting up its most treasured coffee spots. I moved to Glasgow for uni a couple of months ago without having experienced the city much at all ...

Blood, jabs and tears: the undisclosed menstrual side effects of the covid-19 vaccine

5th January 2022

Melisa Korkut discusses the reported period changes following the Covid-19 vaccine. In recent months, claims of people noticing changes to their periods after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine have emerged on social media. This likely came as such a shock because the possibility of menstruation changes as a side effect is not included in the patient ...

Review: Remi Wolf – Juno

17th November 2021

The Californian’s debut record is a wild sonic ride through absurd ideas and troubled realities in equal measure. I first became acquainted with Remi Wolf in the middle of 2020, where her joyous tunes were welcomed at such an uncertain time. My initial impressions of the 25 year-old from California back then were, “Who is ...