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The student’s guide to sustainable periods

3rd December 2021

Travel Editor Michelle Osborne discusses the top eco-friendly period products to suit a student budget. Recent sustainability discourse has turned to period products, due to the single-use plastic waste from them being incredibly high. Sustainable periods aren’t just good for the planet, they’re good for your bank account. We can save plenty of money each ...

Thought experiment: Fossil(less) fuels

5th November 2021

Is a world devoid of fossil fuels a possibility? What would it look like, and how could it happen? Climate change is no longer just a muffled cry from the minority: everywhere you look, warnings are plastered all over our media. You can’t not be aware of the severity of our situation, and we all ...

Advice on homesickness in halls

22nd September 2021

Michelle Osborne gives her top tips for surviving homesickness at university Freshers’ week is known as a week for partying. A time to get drunk, meet new people, or hook up with strangers: it’s a time to go wild. It’s also a time of transition. For many students, it’s their first time being away from ...