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Solfeggio Frequencies and Making a Quick Buck

9th September 2023

A deep dive into the world of alternative sound healing via solfeggio frequencies, a new age scam built off decades of misinformation. In the world of alternative and new age medicine, few things are stranger than the concept of music healing. For one, it’s because it kind of works. This isn’t just a homoeopathy-type case; ...

Twitter in the time of Corona: Minaj, Moderna, and Misinformation

15th October 2021

Following one of the most incredible episodes in the site’s history, it may be time to reflect on Twitter’s duty of care. Nicki Minaj has never avoided ball talk. Whether her bejewelled fingers are examining them for some doctor-patient roleplay or she’s balling on behalf of Post Malone, the words hold pride of place in ...

Comedians, not commentators

24th November 2020

Is political comedy a cure or catalyst for the misinformation virus? My memories of the last US election are foggy at best, but the most prominent involve some outlandish phrases and jokes. Hillary Clinton telling people to “Pokemon Go to the polls”, Trump threatening to shoot a person on Fifth Avenue, or Gary Johnson being ...