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Racist reporting on the Ukrainian crisis

4th April 2022

The media coverage on the conflict in Ukraine reflects the racism western countries have towards refugees. “They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking.” The words of journalist Daniel Hannan are ones that have been echoed by many figures in the media during discussion of the crisis in Ukraine. From Ukraine’s ...

Do we ignore victims of violence?

10th February 2022

Halyna Hutchins is the latest victim of violence to be ignored by the media in favour of the perpetrator. Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was only 42 years old when she was tragically shot and killed on the set of Rust. A gun that had been deemed safe to use on set was fired and Hutchins was ...

Should we be putting our faith in the police?

20th October 2021

The Met had their chance to implement change, but they certainly didn’t do a good job. CW: Police Violence, Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Assault Every woman will remember the shudder of horror they felt when the full details of Sarah Everard’s abduction and subsequent murder came to light. We all remember the spine-chilling realisation that, just ...