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Is it really okay to own pets?

20th April 2022

Kidnapping, codependency and forced isolation: is this really the way we should be treating animals? When I’m at my most unbearable – after suggesting that the government solves national debt by simply printing more money without telling anyone – I like to ask people if they think that pets suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome ...

Are you really what you eat?

2nd March 2022

Meg Russell explores the way that morality, politics and judgement is mixed together and served up with food choices. CW: Eating disorders Relationships with food are really complex. I obsessed over it for years: only ate certain things, didn’t eat, over ate, and hated myself and my body throughout. As I disentangled myself from the ...

Money or morality?

1st April 2021

BREAKING! Glasgow Uni student says she’ll never write for “rags” like the Daily Mail. “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it?” is just one of the many ridiculous Daily Mail headlines from the last decade that is seared into my brain. Thing is, I am on my third attempt at writing this article. It keeps coming ...