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Movements That Shaped Us: Disco

13th April 2021

In this disco instalment we admire the fleeting (drug-fuelled) fun had under the disco-ball of venues like Loft and Studio 54 and ask: is there any place for the genre today? The origins of the disco scene remain somewhat uncertain; was it the discotheques of New York City in the 1960s (Le club, Regine’s and Arthur) ...

Movements that shaped us: Rave

10th February 2021

In a continuation of our Movements that shaped us series, Megan Farrimond takes a look at the 1990s rave movement and the culture surrounding what the government calls “the succession of repetitive beats”. When acid house hit the UK, it changed the way dance music was consumed. Taking the amateur DJ to the streets, warehouses, ...

Movements that shaped us: Hippie

16th December 2020

In a continuation of the series, we look at the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Emerging in San Francisco, Megan Farrimond explains why we shouldn’t associate the movement simply with a token hippie Halloween costume or the iconic Woodstock festival. So – turn it on, tune in and drop out. It’s hard to ...