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Review: Yer Old Faither (GFF)

11th March 2021

This documentary records one Glaswegian man’s move to Australia in 1970. I texted my friends to watch Yer Old Faither when I was only halfway through, and having finished it, I would definitely recommend it to everyone. I was keen to watch it just from the name, as a Glaswegian I couldn’t help but read ...

Review: Vicious Fun (GFF)

10th March 2021

The title truly doesn’t lie. It’s said that in cinema there are no new ideas. This criticism is often unfairly levied towards genres of film which are not necessarily deemed to be high art, horror flicks in particular. Still, in the face of this adversity and disapproval, we find passionate filmmakers creating fresh and exciting ...

Review: Enola Holmes

6th October 2020

Sherlock Holmes for the Stranger Things generation. Enola Holmes splashes onto our Netflix screens already running — or rather, cycling, in a nod to its lead actor’s most famous role. Millie Bobby Brown’s stylish petticoat-laden protagonist fills us in quickly on her life while she rushes through the picturesque English countryside to meet her idolised ...