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The Hunterian Museum: a student’s guided tour

8th April 2024

MuSE tour guide Anne van Hoose shares her favourite artefacts on display at Glasgow University’s Hunterian Museum I’ve been a MuSE tour guide for two years at the Hunterian Museum on campus. MuSE tours, which are given throughout the week and sometimes on weekends, take place in the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery. I specialise ...

Recommendations for exploring Glasgow’s post-lockdown art scene

28th April 2021

Glasgow galleries and museums reopening from 26 April. Art galleries and museums have been given the go-ahead to reopen in Scotland from the 26 April. While we might all be more interested in the (admittedly more exciting) prospect of being able to enjoy a draught pint again, I would encourage everyone to put a visit ...

Stolen Histories

4th April 2021

Museums as agents of colonial times. In 2017, The Telegraph published what may have been one of their worst takes yet: “The Elgin Marbles don’t ‘belong’ to Greece – they belong to us all”. I’m fairly sure that this was also Lord Elgin’s thought process, as he chiseled them from the temple wall and abducted ...