Music industry

Tourists: ‘We’ve been together for a while now, and finally developed the sound we wanted’

18th November 2020

Fin Logie chats with frontman Jamie Giles of shoegaze meets post-punk group Tourists about their upcoming debut album Another Slate, music inspirations, planning gigs with a baby on the way and working with War on Drugs and DIIV producer Daniel Schlett. Torquay-based dream-pop outfit Tourists’ debut album Another State has been a long-time coming. They’ve ...

Why do musicians with political music avoid speaking out?

2nd November 2020

Joseph Evans explains why we should give musicians who stay fairly quiet on political issues, despite having a discography laced with political opinions, a pass. In one of the wilder happenings in an already tumultuous 2020, Jedward are now among the most beloved icons of activist Twitter.  From highlighting the inconsistencies of lockdown policies, to ...

WAP: Women’s Agency Performed

9th October 2020

Why the chart-topper shouldn’t just be dismissed as vulgar nonsense and why it may point to a true feminist hit. The release of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new single WAP was accompanied by the internet’s equivalent of a pitchfork-bearing crowd. Conservative activists were quick to call the song out for its overtly sexual ...