Music Review

Review: Black Honey @ St Luke’s

19th October 2021

Black Honey back up their cinematic style with hypnotic sonic substance. Remembering Black Honey in their infancy is to recall their stronghold over the Tumblr-esque indie scene of the mid 2010’s. Culminating in a long haul stint touring with industry fodder Catfish and the Bottlemen, Black Honey’s doe-eyed stage presence satisfied the horny bouts of ...

Review: Squid @ SWG3

12th October 2021

The Brighton five-piece electrify SWG3 with their uniquely angular brand of post-punk guitar rock. A sea of mullets and skinheads greeted the triumphant Squid as they played their first Scottish date since the release of their debut full-length album, Bright Green Field. Their debut dropped earlier this year via Warp Records, shooting the band to ...

The problem with Kanye West’s Donda

12th September 2021

A dark, confusing, rambling album with an unacceptable feature: it’s time to stop idealising the shock-rapper’s idea of “bravely” defying public opinion I first discovered Kanye West through an early 2010’s obsession with a Dash-owning, Playboy-modelling Kim Kardashian and her band of merrymen (a Brady–Bunch-on-acid family who doubled as co-stars). The seemingly quiet rapper...