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Avatar 2 Review: Male, pale, stale and straight

3rd March 2023

Best described as a damp squib.  The sequel to 2009’s grand epic, Avatar: The Way of Water, is a predictable and tired narrative packaged in a breath-taking piece of cinematography. Pandora is the epitome of natural beauty but with a delightful sci-fi twist, and the expensive but worth it technology involved makes this world feel ...

Match preview: England vs Scotland in the 2023 Men’s Six Nations

2nd February 2023

With recent history on their side, will Scotland be able to repeat their 2021 victory at Twickenham against England? On Saturday 4 February, the old Anglo-Scottish rivalry will once again rear its head. ITV will be showing the late afternoon clash for the Calcutta Cup of England against Scotland. This game is full of uncertainties ...