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Can too much choice be a bad thing?

4th March 2021

After Disney’s announcement of its extensive slate of upcoming projects, Tenzin Murry explores this explosion of entertainment. 2020 was a year defined by being locked down and indoors. A recent Ofcom study confirmed that many people had little else to do besides binge their way through box-sets in Netflix’s back-catalogue. Viewing figures for streaming services ...

Review: Malcolm & Marie

26th February 2021

Robin Fodor reviews the drama set over the course of one night, filmed during the pandemic. John David Washington, last seen by people who like that sort of thing in Christopher Nolan’s failed attempt to save cinema, Tenet, joins the surname-less Zendaya: they are Malcolm and Marie. Malcolm is a film director, not unlike Malcolm ...

White victimhood in Bridgerton’s rape scene

31st January 2021

Content warning: Contains description of a rape scene. Trey-Daniel Kyeremeh examines racial and gender dynamics in Shonda Rhimes’ latest Netflix hit. I watched all of Bridgerton in one night. As a fan of Shonda Rhimes, no convincing was needed to get me to watch this highly anticipated drama. Besides, it was something to pass the ...