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I’ve never been assaulted by someone I don’t know

14th October 2021

CW: Gender-based violence/sexual assault. I don’t mind walking home alone. I don’t feel particularly unsafe. I don’t stress about walking back from clubs, or bars, or even work, myself. I don’t dislike walking in the dark, or at night. I’m not meaning to sound flippant, but I don’t mind the journey. I prefer it, sometimes. ...

I’m sorry I’ll never be her

25th September 2021

Editor-in-Chief Hailie Pentleton discusses the reality of the #ThatGirl trend. If you’re a chronic over-worker like me, you might have found yourself scrolling through #ThatGirl TikTok, desperately searching for the secret ingredients for self-love and success. Do smoothie bowls and organic shakes lead to academic success? Will early morning rises and earth-toned workout sets unlock ...