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Glasgow nightlife under attack

11th October 2023

With Glasgow regularly making an appearance on “top student city” lists, is Glasgow nightlife all it’s cracked up to be? Glasgow may be famous for many things. Its museums, its food, its football, and of course, its nightlife. With countless clubs, pubs, and late-night bars, the opportunities for drinking and dancing (and spending money) are ...

ABAB: all bouncers are bad

28th February 2023

With nightlife playing such a crucial role in the university experience, The Glasgow Guardian explores the problems surrounding the all-powerful gatekeepers of the club. Those two dreaded words: “not tonight”. No rejection stings more than that which ends a night-on-the-town before it gets started. The gatekeepers of Thursday nights are pervasive in Glasgow culture, but ...

83% of nightlife businesses are set to make staff redundancies within weeks

28th August 2020

Nightlife businesses are a major employer of students and remain closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Glasgow’s nightlife businesses are set to make major staff redundancies within a matter of weeks. Many students with part-time jobs in the nightlife industry are at risk of losing them, with 83% of businesses set to make staff redundant as ...