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‘HR Nightmare’: Glasgow’s maternity cover job description sparks uproar

24th September 2021

The detailed job post description stimulated mass discussion on social media, prompting the University to remove it. A University of Glasgow job advert looking for maternity cover for a College of Arts lecturer in Modern Gender History has come under fire for its following description: “This post is to cover maternity on a month-to-month basis ...

Flat Nightmares: my ceiling fell in!

16th November 2020

The first instalment in our new series to inform students about various living crises and how to deal with them. At the end of July, the ceiling in the hallway of my top floor flat collapsed. It had been raining all day and the roof had flooded, tripping all the fire alarms and destroying a ...

Cultural appropriation is the real Halloween nightmare

28th October 2020

This Halloween remember that your ‘edgy’ costume could be someone’s biggest nightmare. Having spent the earlier part of my childhood growing up in India, I was grossly unprepared for dealing with the covert and blatant racism I would be forced to encounter persistently when I moved to the West. These situations ranged from the borderline ...