‘Silly’ Activism? No such thing!

22nd November 2021

Are some protests too “silly” to make a difference? Maddy Dorrian explains from first-hand experience why humorous protests are effective in raising awareness and community involvement. It was 8:57am and a small group of people with hi-vis vests shuffled about making last minute preparations. The sun had managed to burn through the morning haze and ...

Breaking news: there’s no ethical consumption under capitalism

24th October 2021

From veganism to vintage shopping, how futile are our attempts at being ethical in a capitalist world? When I first read the statement, my knee-jerk reaction was immediate, harsh rejection. Of course there is, there must be. There’s no way a statement so absolutely demoralising could be true. And even if it is, people can’t ...

No more ‘Food for Thought’ as Fraser Building cafeteria closes

25th September 2021

The University restructuring of catering facilities means that the Fraser Building will no longer be operating its cafeteria. Following rumours posted on the popular Facebook “confessions” page, GlasKnow, that the Fraser Building cafeteria was to shut permanently, a University of Glasgow spokesperson has confirmed to The Glasgow Guardian that this is the case. The closure ...