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‘That’s not music, that’s just noise!’

16th October 2021

Why are the alien sounds of noise music entering the mainstream? You would be hard pressed to find any experimental genre of music conceived over the last century which has not been dismissed as “noise”. Almost every challenging new addition to the collective sonic palette is, at first, met with disapproval and accusations of its ...

Make some NOISE: Glasgow’s loudest new indie band

19th September 2021

NOISE hail from Dumbarton, a town to the west of Glasgow just as colourful in its culture as rough around the edges. Nothing about the four-man-band’s King Tuts set was rough around the edges, though: the six song show was seamless in its execution, a mix of older songs intermingled with never-played-before gems – Victor ...

Wildlife is silenced by humanity

30th March 2021

Studies have found that anthropogenic noise is reducing the level of noise that wildlife creates. As cities fall silent during the pandemic, many have been experiencing nature become louder, with the experience of birdsong sounding somehow more sonorous. This is no illusion – research now reveals the adversity anthropogenic noises create for the survival of ...