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Thou shalt not idolise Hillary Clinton

18th November 2021

Views Columnist Basilia Weir writes on the our current political climate, and why we shouldn’t “stan” politicians. One of the first things you learn in Modern Studies is your rights and responsibilities as a political citizen. Right: you get to vote. Responsibility: be an informed voter and hold politicians to account. I, like many others, ...

Two weeks of sustainability is not enough

17th November 2021

Are businesses in Glasgow genuinely taking steps towards a sustainable future, or are they merely trying to make some extra cash during COP26? COP26 has brought the world to Glasgow’s doorstep, with environmental activists, world leaders, NGOs and businesses descending on our city. With a whole host of live events, talks and promotional opportunities up ...

I’m not sharing the rainbow

17th November 2021

After the NHS began using a rainbow arch to show support for its workers throughout the pandemic, we can’t help but ask: is it okay to use the rainbow symbol or things other than Pride? The use of the rainbow as a sign of support for the brave workers of the NHS became increasingly prevalent ...