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Review: The Lightning Seeds @ Old Fruitmarket

13th December 2022

Yulia reviews the Liverpudlian rock band at their Glasgow show. Tucked away behind a modern façade is a wholesale fruit market, refurbished as a hotspot for a range of events, from banquets to music concerts. This November, the spotlight fell on the latter, with the Lightning Seeds rocking the stage with their guest band, Badly ...

Review: Black Midi @ Old Fruitmarket

20th November 2022

Music Editor Otto Hampden-Woodfall witnesses the formation of a cult in a mosh pit. It was halfway through an extended jam at the mid-section of their song John L that I realised Black Midi had truly captured something special in the hearts and minds of mullet-clad 20-somethings everywhere. In anticipation of the song’s bruising, angular ...