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One man’s fortune shouldn’t cost lives

22nd November 2021

A Twitter debate questions the responsibility that Elon Musk has to share his wealth in order to save millions of lives. Elon Musk and his billionaire friends having their phallic races into space makes me a bit sick. I’m sure the technology is cool and exciting, and yeah, maybe we can start civilisation on Mars ...

Coffee and cake for one?

17th November 2021

Five places to curl up with a book in the West End.  As an avid reader, I love going around the West End searching for new spots to read. After living in Glasgow for a year, I have come to cherish those little unique cozy cafes and outdoor spaces that have become a haven to ...

COP diaries: day one

6th November 2021

Editor-in-Chief Lucy Dunn discusses her time inside COP26, day by day. Day 1: Sunday 31 October I’d applied for media accreditation at COP26 back in September, yet it was on the morning of Saturday 30 October, less than a day before the climate conference was due to begin, that I received official confirmation. Over the ...