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Experimental dance and chronic pain: In conversation with Sarah Hopfinger

1st November 2023

Living with invisible pain can be debilitating, but Glasgow-based artist and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland researcher, Sarah Hopfinger, endeavours to turn her pain into art through her immersive autobiographical show, Pain and I, that will be performed at Tramway on November 8 and November 9 2023. Sarah Hopfinger has lived with chronic back pain since ...


10th March 2022

Erin McKie discusses how endometriosis has impacted her social life, studies, and mental health. “But you don’t look ill… It’s just a bad period, get over it”.  I’ve heard phrases like this numerous times. Last April, I was officially diagnosed with endometriosis, having displayed symptoms for the previous five years. Endometriosis is a condition where ...

Beauty is pain, but lookism hurts us all

15th October 2021

Claire Thomson discusses the issue of pretty privilege, and who it actually affects. While society nowadays is constantly reassuring us that everyone is beautiful in their own way, conventional beauty standards are still proving to dominate our way of thinking. It’s true that the majority of the time your first impression of someone is their ...