Streaming comedy specials could change live performance forever

24th October 2021

As comedy turns into a cinematic space on streaming platforms, will it’s liveness be able to survive? It’s late in the evening and you’re not sure what to watch. A drama would be too hard going on the brain after a long day and a teen rom-com isn’t quite going to fit the mood. Scrolling ...

Ethically naked

11th March 2021

Is sex, nudity, and body objectivity okay in theatre? Sex sells. But is that reason enough to ask an actor to perform nude on stage? Nudity is a powerful tool in art, but how does one ask for, and give informed consent? In this age of digital media, all forms of art are more accessible: ...

Review: Mogul Mowgli

29th October 2020

“Roaring with intimate humanity.”Ed Fernandez reviews Mogul Mowgli, out 30 0ctober.  Mogul Mowgli begins with Zed (Riz Ahmed) leaping around the stage in a packed-out New York music venue, delivering an electrifying rap performance to a hype-infused crowd. From this opening scene, Ahmed’s impassioned performance pulls your eyes, effortlessly inhabiting both the energetic highs and ...