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Sunak’s XL Bully Ban is hiding an XXL issue

11th October 2023

Rishi Sunak is trying desperately to cling to power as he resorts to distraction tactics over XL Bully dogs. “Danger to our communities, particularly to our children” said Rishi Sunak in a social media video that circulated recently, and surprisingly, just this once, he wasn’t talking about refugees arriving on small boats (though his language ...

Britain’s net zero commitments are not good enough

10th October 2023

Thatcher’s reign was brought to an end through alienating policies and a confrontational style of government; could Sunak be heading down the same track? When he first stood for the Tory leadership, Rishi Sunak vowed to “govern as a Thatcherite.” His approach to governance so far bears several striking similarities with Thatcher’s. Like Thatcher, Sunak ...