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Review: Sprain – The Lamb as Effigy

18th September 2023

The Lamb As Effigy, Sprain’s latest attempt at achieving the incomprehensible, sees them fall short despite their respectably lofty ambitions. Black Country, New Road. Black Midi. Squid. Saxophones and schoolboy-ish 27 year olds. References, references, inspiration, “The Scene”. Swans and Godspeed! You Black Emperor and yes it’s the same riff for 10 minutes, that’s the ...

Review: Drunk Tank Pink by Shame

7th March 2021

On their sophomore album the South London outfit significantly deepen, mature, and ultimately improve their post-punk sound. Never a nation to be outdone in terms of angst, British artists have been at the forefront of post-punk’s recent rejuvenation. Bands like IDLES, HMLTD, Fontaines D.C., and The Murder Capital (to name just a few) have been ...