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Is studying in bed really such a nightmare?

7th November 2021

Sports Editor Claire Thomson takes a look at the battle between comfort versus productivity. Last year, online university forced us to spend much more time studying in our bedrooms than we normally would, with many of us taking it one step further, and actually studying in our beds. Tell that to anyone and you’re met ...

‘We’re in a global pandemic!’ – but students still have deadlines

9th April 2021

We’re bombarded with people telling us to take it easy in the current circumstances, but what if you still have commitments and deadlines to complete? Anyone with access to social media in the last year will be well aware of both extremes of the pandemic productivity narrative. At the beginning of the outbreak, toxic productivity ...

Studytube: you’re toxic, I’m slippin’ into a panic spiral about my productivity

12th December 2020

Basilia Weir explores an unhealthy relationship with studytube, a YouTube community surrounding studying and productivity. Maybe you’ve found yourself in the library right around midterms. You’re on the fifth or sixth floor, a lukewarm caramel latte in front of you, and a lofi playlist beating through your headphones. And yet, you can still hear the ...