Rachel Campbell

Can reading together bring you closer?

18th December 2021

Books Editor Rachel Campbell describes her attempt to make reading a shared hobby in her relationship. ​​To say my boyfriend isn’t a reader would be an understatement. Having studied accounting at uni, he left books at Higher English and never looked back. As I begin my fourth year of studying English Literature, reading has become ...

Review: All Too Well

12th December 2021

Symbolic scarves, emotional scars and getaway cars, Rachel analyses the cinematic expansion of the iconically long tirade from a wronged past lover: Miss Taylor Swift. The Red album arrived when I was 12 and soon became an all time favourite, as it accompanied my formative years. All Too Well was always the stand-out song for ...

Combatting winter blues

17th November 2021

Books Editor Rachel Campbell discusses how we can battle the blues that come with the dreary Glasgow winter. Last winter was just shit, wasn’t it? I was in a cold tenement flat with a stubbornly broken boiler, and on-and-off restrictions combined with online classes meant I rarely saw beyond those four walls. I couldn’t often ...