Old firm: fun or foul?

31st January 2022

The Old Firm dominates many people’s lives in Glasgow – but is this a good thing? Ah yes, and so it appears in the distance, like a swirling tempest raging on the horizon, once again. One of those crucial points – in fact, perhaps the only crucial point – in the SPFL season. The Hoops ...

Chaos and passion at the Rangers’ celebration: One student’s perspective

29th May 2021

Rangers’ first league title in ten years brought thousands of Rangers fans onto the street.  The subway screeched to a halt, and the location signs came into view; the word “Ibrox” stood boldly written in black. I had arrived, although I didn’t need the signs to tell me that. Mask firmly on and hood up, ...

What the Rangers celebration in George Square really means

25th April 2021

With Rangers fans breaching Covid-19 guidelines to celebrate the end of a taxing nine years, questions must be asked regarding violence associated with Scottish football as fans wreak havoc on the streets of Glasgow. On 7 March, hundreds of Rangers fans encroached upon Glasgow’s historic George Square, where they showed their city pride by destroying ...