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Review: Dreamland by Glass Animals

17th September 2020

 We take a look at Dreamland, an album which seems like the perfect soundtrack for those stuck in the internet age, especially in this age of increasingly online society. “We have these curated versions of ourselves on the internet,” Glass Animals’ frontman Dave Bayley comments on Instagram, “Edited, cool, distilled versions of us.” The band’s ...

Review: Tenet

14th September 2020

Ed Fernandez tries to wrap his head around Christopher Nolan’s latest Rubik’s cube of a film. Tenet is a movie laden with expectations. Christopher Nolan’s reputation as a cinematic craftsman precedes him. Responsible for many of the must-see cinematic experiences of the last two decades, Nolan has repeatedly delighted, shocked, and immersed audiences with his ...

Review: Our Ladies

11th September 2020

Despite hopes that Our Ladies would accurately depict growing up in Scotland as a teenage girl, Music Editor Jodie Leith was let down by the teen flick. Debuting at the 2020 Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year, Scottish Catholic schoolgirls-gone-wild “teen” flick, Our Ladies, is not the sort of film you want to watch sandwiched ...