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Self Esteem Review: Making the Barrowlands feel like Hampden

7th March 2023

A pop prophet in her ascendancy. Months prior to Self Esteem’s Barrowlands debut, a friend told me to get to her show as soon as humanly possible, likening the performance to a religious experience. By the close of the main set, the triumphant and soul-baring song I Do This All the Time, it’s impossible to ...

Paramore’s This is Why: Escaping the clutches of nostalgia

21st February 2023

In a mixing pot of influences, veterans Paramore escape their storied past through brevity and quality. In the six years since the Nashville band’s previous critically acclaimed effort, After Laughter, much has changed, both for the three members (this is the first time Paramore has retained a band line-up for successive records) and for the ...