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The campus cliché

19th December 2022

Emma Urbanova analyses the depiction of the student experience in books. The university experience is so well-worn and overused in the literary canon that campus novels have almost become a genre in themselves. But to what extent is their portrayal of student life authentic? Take Sally Rooney’s Normal People: its protagonists, Connell and Marianne, belong ...

Review: Beautiful World, Where Are You

19th October 2021

Genevieve Brown immerses herself in Sally Rooney’s latest novel, giving personal insight into why it is yet another success. I love Sally Rooney discourse almost as much as I love Sally Rooney novels. It is a guilty pleasure, knowing as any Rooney fan knows how little the author enjoys the spotlight. With every article I ...

Breaking down the Sally Rooney frenzy

5th May 2021

Is her literary success reflective of a society-wide mental health crisis? Ahead of the release of her third novel Beautiful World, Where Are You this September, the buzz around Sally Rooney’s writing does not seem set to diminish any time soon. The success of the TV adaptation of Normal People has only widened her readership ...