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Surely chasing fears can’t be… fun?

13th October 2021

Science & Tech Editor Matt Laing discusses why thrill-seeking isn’t so “crazy” after all. What is it with those bunch of nutters trekking across crazy landscapes to hurl themselves off cliffs, as a means of “exploration”? It may be a fair question, but one that annoys me as a self-professed adventure sports addict. For most ...

Flight, fright… or fun?

12th November 2020

Waiting for a jumpscare is weirdly enticing, and the thrill of the shock itself even more so. How come? Jump scares shouldn’t work. Us avid horror fans know they’re coming, even seek them out, but every time, we leap out of our seats in genuine, goosebump-inducing, heart racing fear usually followed by the laughter of ...