Banning politics from social media

23rd April 2021

Following the ban of Donald Trump from Twitter and the Myanmar Military from Facebook, should we be questioning how much power social media sites have over politics? In February 2021, Facebook banned the Myanmar military, the Tatmadaw, from Facebook. The censoring followed the capture of Myanmar by its military on 1 February which has resulted ...

Stop solar travel! Protect life on Earth!

5th April 2021

We invest so much money to go into space – why not invest it in protecting the Earth first? On 19 February 2021, after travelling for almost seven months through space, NASA’s rover Perseverance landed on Mars. It is a triumph for mankind, with similar missions planned by other nations in the future. But should ...

Why should we protect Brazilian mangrove forests?

27th October 2020

The Brazilian government has voted to revoke protection of mangrove forests, but why is this a problem? Courts have suspended the Brazilian government’s aims to repeal protections over the environment.  Federal judge Maria Carvalho has suspended measures implemented by the Brazilian government which voted to revoke laws protecting mangrove forests, which play an important part ...