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All work and no play makes Scots a dull lot

7th December 2021

With the Scottish government trialing a four-day work week, Basilia Weir examines how this will benefit students. I really like this whole “I don’t dream of labour” movement going on right now. Not long into my time at university, I got into a tailspin about my future. It’s not that I didn’t know what I ...

University of Glasgow launches “Future of Scots” research project

4th February 2021

The University enquires whether Scots language has a future or is “just for Burns night”. The future of the Scots language is under review as a new research project is launched by the University of Glasgow. The collaborative project has the additional support of The Royal Society of Edinburgh; aiming to push an agenda that ...

Singing in Scots: When did we get so American?

1st November 2020

From Lewis Capaldi to Annie Lennox, we examine the Scots-American transatlantic accent that’s taken over our radios and the Scots-singing rebellion challenging it. Growing up on too much television has left me main-charactering from a young age. Especially through puberty, I combined main-charactering with adopting the personality of my favourite character from the TV show ...