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Tips inspired by the “low maintenance beauty” TikTok trend

27th March 2023

Genevieve Brown shares her suggestions for streamlining your beauty routine. “High maintenance to be low-maintenance” is a fun, recent TikTok beauty trend. The term accompanies videos of people offering time-saving beauty tips. The first video of this kind I saw showed a girl painstakingly contouring her face with fake tan so as to avoid the ...

Cheap, easy stress-busters

27th March 2023

Aysha Sohail has some suggestions for those who need some relaxation on a budget! As much as things like retail therapy and going abroad are fun, plenty of de-stressing activities exist which don’t harm your bank account.  One thing which helped me at the beginning of the pandemic was going for runs. Even twenty minutes, ...

Accepting defeat never tasted so sweet

17th October 2022

Hailie encourages us to embrace reality in this brief exploration of radical acceptance. It’s been increasingly hard not to go all doomsday on things when it feels as though we’re permanently in crisis mode. Be it the chaos surrounding the cost-of-living, the continual demise of the climate, or the pressure to unpack the two-hundred-and-twenty-two easter ...