Self care

Self-care: beyond the glitz and glam

10th February 2021

Has self-care been trivialised over the years? Drink your water! Slap on a £30 Glossier face mask! Spend 60 quid getting your nails done every month! If you’ve ever ventured into the “self-care” side of the internet, you will have most likely been confronted with advice like this. Whilst I am a fan of a ...

All I want for Christmas is me

9th December 2020

Set down those winter-warming handcuffs everyone, we’re calling an end to cuffing season this year. You’ve driven the boat, kissed in the Rolls, been a big Ol’ freak – it’s been a hot girl summer, but suddenly, there’s no more heat. Just like that, you’re back walking down Kelvin Way, the leaves turning orange and ...