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Getting Close and Personal with STD Stigma

24th February 2024

How my impassioned, touch-starved covid brain threw out the condom and traded that closeness with another human being for a prescription of ‘acne’ medication and a limit of two Aperols on my big Italian holiday) The first time I got tested, I was four partners deep and I had decided I’d met the one. My ...

Why are we still using “vanilla” as an insult?

1st February 2023

Kate Fryer discusses why we are still shaming people for their sexual preferences. For a while, “no kink shaming!” has been the headline exclamation of many a friendly sex-based convo. This acceptance of a wide range of sexual preferences and desires is something I, and undeniably many others, can get behind. Moving away from the ...

What it’s like to end a pregnancy at home

23rd April 2021

One writer shares her experience of going through a medical abortion at home in her final year of university, in the hope it’ll help others who have to go through the same thing. Content warning: pregnancy, abortion I’ve never felt too in tune with my body. Throughout my life, it’s consistently been little more than ...